My name is Katia Stroobants and I have a passion for photography.

Although I'm just an amateur photographer, I have been doing it for many years.  Back in 1993 I bought my first reflex camera.

It remained my loyal companion for many years, but when I joined ZEFODA in 2007, I decided to switch to digital photography.  ZEFODA is a photoclub situated in Zemst, near to my hometown. Apart from my role as president at ZEFODA, I also engaged myself in the role of president of "KBC-fotoclub" in May 2013.  This is the photo club of KBC Bank, my employer.

Being a member of these photo clubs is very interesting and enriching to me. We discuss each others work, get lessons in Adobe Photoshop, go on trips to some beautiful places and much more.  They really help me to increase my level. Also they've got me enrolled in some local and national competitions.  Getting some (modest) nominations is a real pleasure to me.

All of my pictures are taken in RAW-format, so they need some minor light and color adjustments. This is where Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom come in handy.  However I pay serious attention not do overdo the changes.  To me, pictures should always reflect reality.

My love for photography matches perfectly with my other passion, travelling.  Taking pictures in all of the beautiful places I visit, is one of the most joyfull things for me to do.  You can see the results of my latest trips in my Portfolio, under the button "Travel".

This site is my way of showing some of my work to the world.  New pictures will be regularly uploaded, I promise :-).

All remarks on the website, as well as on the pictures are very welcome.

Now, click the "Portfolio" button above  to enjoy my work!

Katia Stroobants

Landbouwstraat 72

B - 2800 Mechelen

tel. +32 15 41 33 97

mobile  +32 478 97 14 65

e-mail: katia.s@telenet.be

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